Saturday, June 13, 2009

Apple iPhone to get new video and new operating system

Apple is upgrading both the operating system and and the hardware with the new iPhone 3G S. The phone, which is currently beginning to be available, now comes with a 3 megapixel camera and can shoot video at 30 fps at VGA (640x480). Users can also share videos e-mail, MMS, Apple's MobileMe service, and YouTube.

In keeping with Apple's graphic dominance, "people can "scrub" through a video--that is, click and drag to fast-forward and rewind--as they watch to jump to the spot they want. Likewise, they can trim videos to pare back to the desired portion. The scrubbing and trimming uses an interface that displays the video as a filmstrip sequence of still frames." Quote from cnet.

I am a long time PDA users and I must say that the iPhone, although pricey, has revolutionized my PDA usage. It is just like having a really useful tiny computer all the time, rather than just a list keeper and calendar. We use the GPS functions to look for everything from stores to banks and the fact that it now syncs with my office e-mail frees me from a desktop PC.

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