Friday, June 19, 2009

iPod saves life of girl struck by lightning

This is not an urban legend (yet). A girl in England was standing under a tree, holding hands with her boyfriend, when she was struck by lightning. Her name is Sophie Frost of Southend-on-Sea, England. Although she remembers nothing about the incident, doctors (whoever) say that she survived because she had her iPod headphones hanging around her neck. However, it is lucky she wasn't actually wearing the headphones or the story probably wouldn't have made international news.

The girl is apparently most worried about her fried iPod and not her fried boyfriend. Apparently, the iPod was brand new.

You can see a picture of her with her scorched clothes online. I would guess that lightning scorched clothes will be all the rage shortly in England and beyond.

In the same article, just for a reality check I guess, there is a picture of a huge hole in the roof of a house caused by a lightning strike.

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