Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fastest Barefoot Run on Ice and Why?

In the never ending quest to be unique and establish a world record, Nico Surings of Eindhoven, Netherlands holds the world record for the fastest time to run 100 m barefoot on ice in 17.35 seconds. Now, all you runners, there has to be someone who can run the 100 m dash on ice in less than 17.35 seconds since the world record is down to 9.9 seconds. Come on, how much harder could it be to run barefoot on ice? I hardly ever wore shoes when I was young and I probably set some kind of world record running across the hot asphalt streets of Phoenix as a child. The worst was getting to the other side and getting a sticker in your foot.

You can check out how the world record has changed over time, apparently the 100 m race is not like some others, great increases in speed just aren't possible it seems. Although it was probably pretty hard to judge the speed without stopwatches or other accurate timekeeping devices. Once performance enhancing techniques (a polite way to say drugs) became available, it is interesting that the times began to drop.

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  1. Running barefoot across hot asphalt in Phoenix in June was a race to get from one shady place to the next. I bet we all set some records.