Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Edmond Eugene Alexis Rostand

When I was in high school, one of the highlights of the day was the lunch period. By my senior year we had quite a group of people who would eat lunch together each day. One thing I do remember is that we would quote poetry and sometimes plays. One of the favorite quotes from a play was from Cyrano de Bergerac. We all loved Cyrano and of course, Edmond Rostand.

Probably one of the ironies of the lunch period was the background music to our discussions of French plays, Johnny Cash singing I Walk the Line. All it takes to transport me back in time to the Central High School lunch room is to hear that song again. It was the only song on the jukebox that that the school had in the cafeteria, at least, it was the only one I remember. I think it was their attempt at culture being the sixties and all and Johnny Cash was supposed to be a "folk singer." I had a better chance at being a concert pianist than Johnny Cash had at being a folk singer.

But I can also remember the food and sitting around talking, things I don't do much anymore, not having the leisure of youth. So Happy Birthday Edmond Rostand and may Cyrano live on forever in the hearts of all true romantics.

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