Sunday, April 5, 2009

Explosions as a plot element

There seem to be few movies made lately that don't have at least one major explosion as part of the story. Fortunately, I don't have to watch too many movies because the vast majority are more objectionable than I will tolerate, but those I do watch seem to be fixated on explosions. Even movies that don't have anything to do with war or fighting seem to work in an explosion or two just to keep up the tradition. Even Lord of the Rings, which supposedly takes place at some remote time in the past, has a couple of explosions, just because they could do it, I suppose.

Explosions also seem to go along with the degeneracy of the language in the films. Along with blowing things up, the dialogue has to make the characters sound like they grew up in ghetto in New York or Chicago, even if the movies are supposed to take place elsewhere. Some otherwise good movies are entirely ruined by gratuitous bad language. When you finally find a movie that doesn't have either an explosion or bad language, it is usually lacking in some other substantial way. There is no reason to even view a bad movie, it is only through the fact that people will indiscriminately watch trash that the who trashy movie industry keeps going.

If you can judge the moral state of the country by the content of the movies, we are in sorry shape.

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