Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Find diamonds in the United States?

It is not generally known, but the United States has many profitable diamond producing sites. The huge consortium of diamond dealers, from Southern Africa have dominated the sale and advertising of diamonds for so long that there is almost no media coverage of the various diamond mines and possible locations throughout the United States.

The most famous, if that term can be used, is near Murfreesboro, Arkansas at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. For $7.00 a day (or $4.00 for children) you can spend the entire day searching a 37 acre field for diamonds. There was an operating diamond mine along the Colorado-Wyoming border in the Kelsey Lake Mine, where the largest diamond found, so far, was 28.3 carats. But the mine closed in 2002. Diamonds have also been found in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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  1. Yet another reason to come visit (in all your spare time)! That Arkansas State Park is about four hours from here. I researched it as a possible Spring Break trip, but we ended up staying close to home.

    The map and visiting guides also list a lot of quartz sites in that general area, as well.